Life is going to be TOUGH.
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Be STRONGER than yesterday.
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You can’t spell workout without WORK.

A Little Muscle offers the best one-on-one personal training for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.

The key to personal training is a strong relationship with your trainer. A partnership really—one which requires work from both partners. We believe incorporating a daily exercise routine is imperative for living a healthy lifestyle. But we also know each individual who walks through our door has a different goal. So whether it’s to lose weight, increase flexibility, gain muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance or even sport specific goals like tennis or golf, we specifically tailor each client’s program to exceed their individual goals.

To build our rep we make sure you do some.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with a better understanding of health and fitness. To do that, we educate in each and every session—combining physical training with education results in an improved quality of life as well as a prolonged life.

The first muscle we get in shape is your Brain.


You already know that what you eat is important. Really important. But did you know that eating even the “right” foods could be wrong for your personal plan. We’ll help you rethink what you know about your diet and compliment your dietary plan to your fitness plan.


With a myriad of treatments and pills and ointments and whatever the next pharmaceutical is, a body can take a beating from the medicine designed to help. We can help you navigate the relationship between health and medicine, building a plan to compliment your healthcare plan.


H2-OH-BOY-DO-PEOPLE-MISS-THIS-ONE. Most people do not get nearly enough. We believe it’s because they don’t fully understand the benefits of hydration and the warning signs your body puts off. We will immerse you in the knowledge you need to stay healthy.

Health Plan

Cardio is important. Strength is important. Diet is important. Flexibility—important. The point is, a good fitness plan is a plan which understands how all these things work together and makes them all work in concert. Helping pull all of this together is what we do everyday.

A Little Info:

80% of adults do not meet daily aerobic guidelines.
Most people eat 48 teaspoons of sugar daily.
6% of Americans exercise 30 minutes a day.
Smokers lose 33% of their everyday memory.

Meet Our Team


A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer


Trainer, NSCA


Trainer, NSCA


A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer


A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

A Little Praise:

  • “A few years ago I started looking for a personal trainer. I walked into A Little Muscle and after meeting Betty and her staff I knew I didn’t need to look any further. The one on one training has helped me not just meet my goals, but exceed them. I’ve never felt better! The trainers are so personable, knowledgeable and motivating, and they create such a fun atmosphere, that you can’t help but look forward to training. I can’t say enough great things about A Little Muscle—it is a direct reflection of Betty’s passion for helping each and every one of her clients succeed.”

    Sandra A.
  • “I’ve been working out with Betty and her staff for 4 years now. It is definitely a personal experience. The team takes the time to learn what your goals are, help you achieve realistic steps. They make you accountable for your efforts, your diet,(or lack of healthy diet). At A Little Muscle they walk a fine line between encouragement and pushing you harder to improve your fitness. I believe because of my improved fitness, I’ve been able to beat some pretty serious health challenges, and come out a winner. Fitness training is Betty’s passion, it shows in her staff, her training style, her true interest in you as a person. This is THE place to be if you want one on one training.”

    Kevin C.
  • “I’m one of A Little Muscle's “senior” clients. After I retired and had the time, I wanted to start working out again. It was my good fortune to be referred to Betty and staff at A Little Muscle. What Betty and her staff do for senior clients is simply amazing. They push you, but encourage you every step of the way. You’ll build muscle, core strength, balance – things that will keep you strong, healthy and energetic as you age. Really! Oh, can’t forget to mention how personalized the one-on-one program is, the improvement you notice and how much fun you have as you train. My sessions are the highlight of my week. I LOVE this place and the unbelievable staff / friends at A Little Muscle.”

    Mary B.
  • “This is a very personalized training experience. The one-on-one attention and the expertise for the client’s health and fitness needs are exceptional. However, it is the people of A Little Muscle the way they take the time to get to know you, your needs, your personal training style...everything—that really makes this a phenomenal experience.”

    Megan B.